Newbie Week Recap

We had one crazy fun week with the newbs! Here are the pictures from this week:

Newbie Week Night 1

Monday night: Chi Alpha’s MNL, followed by frozen yogurt at Arch’s

Newbie Week Night 2

Tuesday night: first rehearsal with the newbs!

Newbie Week Night 3

Wednesday night: Scavenger Hunt in Charlottesville

Newbie Week Night 4

Thursday night: CHoosE Men’s/Women’s Night

Newbie Week Night 5

Friday night: Dinner at Fry’s Spring Station!

We are super excited for this semester and what God has planned for us!


FALL 2014 NEWBS!!!

After a long night of deliberations, we have our Fall 2014 Newbs!

Ashley Gailey
Conner Pierson
Eli Michel
Jacob Skowronek
Josephine Miller
Josh Wysor
Julia Hiser
Kirsten Stiller

Huge congratulations to all of you for now being part of our CHoosE family! We’re really excited for what the Lord will do this semester!

(Group picture to come later tonight!)

CHoosE Summer Retreat 2014

After a long summer, us CHoosiEs have finally been reunited for our summer retreat! We got caught up on our summers and did not waste time getting to the business we had to take care of. After spending Monday night talking about the good parts of last semester and what needs to be fixed, we then had elections for our sub-exec and our new 20th Anniversay Concert Chair on Tuesday night. Here is our new sub-exec (and 20th Anniversary Concert Chair) for this semester:

20th Anniversary Concert Chair: Katherine Seidl
Social Chair: Maria Anderson
Alumni Chair: Anjali Prahash
Outreach Chair: Michael Good
Webmaster: Shieun Park

Here are a couple of pics of us at Janie’s amazing beach house that her and her mom graciously let us use and of us at Bethany Beach:


20140819_18290520140819_182028CHoosE Summer Retreat Dinner

On Thursday morning, all the CHoosE men got up super early to see the sunrise and to worship on the beach. Great men-bonding time!



Finished retreat off with a group pic (missing Naomi Bishop and Katherine Seidl)!

CHoosE Summer RetreatCHoosE Summer Retreat Funny 2

We are super excited for this new fall semester, especially for getting NEW MEMBERS! We’re praying that God will continue to work in us as we have a busy year ahead of us. We’re also praying for all of you UVA-ers with a new school year! God bless!

Katie and Curtis: ENGAGED!

Yesterday, June 21st, around 3:50 PM, all of CHoosE received a crazy picture via text from Katie, our graduated 4th year:


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, KATIE IS ENGAGED … TO A FORMER CHOOSIE, Curtis Hutchinson! #CHoosEcouples


(this was at least a month before the engagement, but it’s a nice, cute pic of these two)

We have yet to hear how the proposal went down and how Katie reacted, but what matters now is that they are engaged! Katie and Curtis, may the Lord bless you two! May He shine His face upon you, guiding you in all circumstances and situations. And may His love be ever present in your lives!

We’re SOOOOOOO excited to see what God has in store for you two!