It is that bittersweet time of year when we bid farewell to our fourth years!  We have 2 amazing fourth years this year who have blessed CHoosE in many, many ways (too many ways to count) over the past four years.  Literally, I could go on and on about them and all the things they’ve done for CHoosE.  We wish them well as they graduate and enter the real world!  We know that God will be using them in glorious ways 🙂

Curtis & Emily

Emily & Curtis - two of the best people I know!

Meanwhile, the rest of us can look forward to one, two, or three more years of serving God in CHoosE!!

Adam, Nicole, Rebecca, and Julian

Our third years, rising fourth years - Adam, Nicole, Rebecca, and Julian

Our second years, rising third years - Katie and Cephra

Our first years, rising second years - Katherine, Ashley, Paulius, Emilia, Claire, and Janie



Thank you so much to everyone who came out to our concert last night!  We had an amazing time performing for you and glorifying God.

We bid farewell to our two incredible fourth years last night.  CHoosE will never be the same without them.  Check out their bios to find out a little more about them!

We hope you had as much fun as we did.  We appreciate your support!  We will see you next fall!

* I hope to upload videos from the concert (and previous concerts and events) soon!  Stay tuned!

Recap & Side Notes

God blesses us in so many ways; it is absolutely glorious.

Our road trip to Winston-Salem, North Carolina was absolutely a success!  We put on a concert Saturday night and sang during the church service on Sunday morning and the love we received from everyone there was overwhelming.  It was a beautiful, fun time for glorifying God!

Even better, it was our music director’s, Nicole’s, birthday on Saturday!  While some people would think that spending your 21st birthday with an acapella group singing about God was not the best way to spend it (:P), we were absolutely grateful that that was Nicole’s ideal way of spending it!  We hope she had fun!  Feel free to leave her some post-birthday remarks in the comment section, and I’ll be sure to pass them her way!

On a side note, it is always discouraging to have to tell our lovely fans, new and old, that the songs we currently are performing are not our newest (or past) CD’s.  Unfortunately, due to the ever changing nature of the group (ie. graduation), we record our songs for 3 semesters and then produce a CD, unlike celebrity artists that tour/perform the songs on their CD.  I hope to take/find videos of our songs and putting them up on the site, so feel free to watch those videos!  Also, if you are interested, please subscribe to our mailing list (follow us on here, our Twitter, or Facebook) to be alerted of when new CD’s come out, where and when we are performing, etc.  As always, feel free to leave a question/concern/suggestion in a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!  Back to the CD note, I promise you that before last semester, you were asking if those songs were on our CD’s (which they weren’t), but now they are! ;D

Let us remember Jesus’ last week as a man this Holy Week and rejoice for his return this Easter Sunday!  God bless!