Happy Easter!

The past two days we remembered the last few hours of Jesus.

He was accused of blasphemy. He was flogged, spit on, kicked around, tortured, and insulted by the people. He died the death we should have died; He paid the debt we should have paid.

But now, He’s alive!

Happy Easter!


NOVA ROLL Coming Up!

In exactly one week from today, we will be going to NOVA (Northern Virginia) to sing at two churches: Living Faith Church and Korean Central Presbyterian Church (KCPC). We will be singing at Living Faith Church at 7:30 PM on Saturday, and KCPC on Sunday during multiple services for the upper-elementary and youth ministries.

We’re excited to go to where most of us are from and minister there! And if you’re in the Centreville-Manassas area, we would love it if you could come to our gigs!

Arts Madness, Earth Hour, and Joint Concert with the Jubilate Choir!

Spring break is already over – phooey. But, we now embark on the second half of the second semester of this year! We hope you had a restful and productive week off of school (well, if you are still in college, that is)!

We’ve got a pretty packed schedule this coming weekend:

Arts Madness – Friday, 9:10 PM @ McLeod
Earth Hour – Saturday, 8:50 PM @ Amphitheater
Jubilate (a UVA Christian choir) joint concert – Sunday, 8:00-9:30 PM @ University Baptist Church (1223 West Main Street, Charlottesville, VA 22903)

Here’s our advertisement for the joint concert with the Jubilate choir (and no, it’s not snow, it’s sand – Hawaiian sand, brought to you by Katie (AKA KTD))

CHoosE and Jubilate Concert

What’s better than hearing two forces of Christian singers coming together to worship? 😀

(And our concert is coming up as well! April 19 at 7 PM! More information as the date gets closer – t-minus 32 days!)

Stand for Freedom and SPRING BREAK

Even though it was a cold, windy Friday morning, and only half of the group could show up, we sang (and stood) for freedom! And the awesome thing is that about 5 minutes after we sang, this project reached it’s goal of $2700! $2700 in 27 hours for 27 million people in slavery. That’s quite an awesome feat!

Stand for Freedom

Have an awesome and restful spring break!