Recap of CHoosE Spring Concert 2013

God is good. SO good. Like, seriously.

Our spring concert last night was phenomenal, extraordinary, and straight up awesome. It has been a long, difficult week as we put finishing touches on our music and prepared for all the logistics for the concert. But, it was all so worth it as we gave everything to our one and only Lord!

Moreover, as much as we don’t want to say this, this concert was the last concert for our beautiful fourth years: Nicole Ziemann, Adam Szipla, Rebecca Fry, and Julian Coles. You guys have NO idea how much you’ll be missed!

Some things just don't change (like Julian's pants and Adam's dress shirt and tie and everyone's beautiful smiles)

From time to time, some things just don’t change (like Julian’s pants and Adam’s dress shirt and tie and everyone’s beautiful smiles)

We thank those of you who came out last night! We also thank those of you who support us through prayer and finances! Without your aid and support (and God’s), we couldn’t have had done all of this.

Here are a few pictures of us:

CHoosE right before our concert!

CHoosE right before our concert!

Our "normal" picture

Our “normal” picture

Our picture with Into Hymn!

Our picture with Into Hymn!

So in exchange for all your support, expect a bloopers video to the concert video within the next week!



Spring Concert 2013 TOMORROW

C-week (Concert week, as we like to call it) is coming to a close, and we sure have had a busy week.

We started it off with singing at IJM’s Voice for the Voiceless acappella event on Sunday evening. Then on Monday, we sang for Chi Alpha’s Monday Night Live (MNL), their large group time. Following that, we sang at Greek IV and Dorm Sing on Wednesday evening.

And to finish off the week …


NOVA ROLL!!!! (Part II)

Round 2 of NOVA Roll at Korean Central Presbyterian Church (KCPC)! Most of us were freaking out about how big this church is, because it’s pretty huge.

We sang quite a few times for the upper-elementary children ministry (4th-6th graders) as well as for the high schoolers. We even ended up singing in the gym because the high school students requested a song. Here’s a pic of two avid girls who wanted to get a picture with us:

CHoosE at KCPC 1

And here are a few pictures of us wrapping up NOVA Roll:

CHoosE picture in front of KCPC!

CHoosE picture in front of KCPC!
CHoosE "normal" picture

CHoosE “normal” picture

We promise, it's not a gang sign ...

We promise, it’s not a gang sign …

Katie and her crew got some ice cream on the way back to NOVA - and they sang for people!

Katie and her crew got some ice cream on the way back to NOVA – and they sang for people!

All in all, God rained down His blessings upon us, giving us the opportunity to reach out to the NOVA region (Centreville and Manassas in particular). Yes, we were (and still are) tired and weary from the amount of singing we’ve done, and yes, we have much to catch up on academically back here at UVA. But what is more valuable than inspiring high school students to worship God even in the midst of suffering and lots of work to do? What is more important than God using us as instruments (literally) of spreading His love and grace to the younger generation?

God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good. 😀

P.S. This was the 4th years’ last travel gig … *sniffle*

NOVA ROLL!!!! (Part I)

We’re in NOVA!!!!

First stop, Living Faith Church in Manassas! We didn’t get to take a group picture, but nonetheless, we had an awesome time! Not only were we able to sing through most of our repertoire for the church, but we also had the awesome chance to worship with them as well (and they were so welcoming of us!)! Speaking on behalf of the group, I believe the Spirit moved through all of us in different ways as we worshiped as one body in Christ. The major theme appeared to be digging deeper and rooting ourselves in Christ all the more, submerging ourselves in His deep water of love and mercy. God is SO good, indeed!

And here’s a picture of the guys! (missing: Paulius and Viet)

guys > girls

guys > girls

Next and final stop: Korean Central Presbyterian Church tomorrow! (well, technically, later today since it’s Sunday, 1:20 AM)