Tomtober Fest: Little By Little

So apparently, two pictures of us singing were put on the Tomtober Fest article by the Daily Progress, the local Charlottesville newspaper:

And of all the a acappella groups that performed on Saturday, they chose us to be in article. We don’t say this to brag, but rather to bring glory to our Father who gave us a wonderful opportunity to spread His word to the Charlottesville community, to shine His light in the darkness. Little by little, He will change this community, this nation, this world.

Praise the Lord for an awesome weekend!



First Gig, Tomtober Fest, and Special Announcement

We’ve had quite the busy, yet blessed weekend! On Friday, we were one of the guest groups for the Black Voices concert. First gig of the semester!

First gig for Fall 2013!

First gig for Fall 2013! (missing Daniel Ahn, Daniel Patton and Adrian Mead because they were too good looking to take a picture with us)

Then, on Saturday, we were one of the seven a cappella groups to perform at Tomtober Fest. It was a wonderful way for us to minister to the UVA community and shine our light – no, God’s light – in the darkness!

By the way, stay tuned for a BIG announcement … next month!


We’re finally done with elections and have our sub-exec for this semester! (we don’t usually put up pics for sub-exec, but, since we took pictures, why not?)

Daniel Patton – Alumni Chair
Adrian Mead – Outreach Chair
Shieun Park – Webmaster
Janie Wilner – Social Chair



Sub-Exec Normal

And Now, Your Fall 2013 Newbies are …

After 15+ hours of auditions, …

After 5+ hours of callbacks, …

And after 8+ super intense hours of deliberating and praying (and redliberating and repraying) for our newbies, …

After much much much much much much MUCH prayer and deliberation, …

We now present to you OUR NEWBIES:

Daniel Ahn
Leo Choi
Michael Good
Heeseok Joo
Anjali Prahash
Maria Anderson


(Picture coming soon …)

Callbacks Today, Newbies Tomorrow

We have a long and tough day ahead of us as we prepare for callbacks. After a whopping total of 37 auditions on Thursday and Friday, 16 have been called back. Please pray for the callback-ees to glorify God in their callbacks today! Please pray for us as well to fully depend on God when deliberating and choosing the newbies for Fall 2013!

It’s gonna be intense …