CD Hint 1

Here is the fist hint for the CD:

The initials are OOTD.

OK, actually, this is the only hint you get before tomorrow (since it would be nice to publicize it on the first of November), so best of luck guessing!


CHoosE Announcement: NEW CD!

Remember that post we made a few days ago about some special announcement? (if you did, good for you – you get our brownie points for staying on top of things. If you didn’t … we still love you :-D)

Well, here it is ……………


We are releasing our new CHoosE CD at the concert!

But, now that you know, you may be wondering, “What’s the title?”

We will release that confidential info to you on Friday. A hint will be given tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Blue Run Baptist Church, Pancakes for Parkinson’s, and Homecoming Weekend

Recap of this awesome week:


Small church in Somerset, yet huge in terms of being warm and welcoming us! Some even found our Facebook page and website and commented on how great it was to have us sing for them. This definitely shows that it’s not the numbers that matter, but rather the heart.

And we – as in Daniel Ahn – took an awesome (actually, REALLY awesome) photo

PC: Daniel Ahn

PC: Daniel Ahn


It was a cold morning, but we sang for the Lord!

Pancakes for Parkinson's

Moreover, four of our awesome alums (Curtis, Adam, Nicole, and Julian) came to see us! We had a wonderful time of fellowship at our tailgate and evening activities!

Here are pictures of all of us together (well, except Erin, Leo, Adrian and Daniel Ahn)!

Pancakes for Parkinson's CHoosE Picture

CHoosE "Normal"

CHoosE “Normal”

In short, it was a God-blessed week!

Fall 2013 Concert in 1 MONTH; Stay Tuned …

That’s right, 31 days from now, we will have our fall concert at 7 PM at McLeod Auditorium! (You should already know what day it is – I gave you the number of days until the concert. Or you can cheat by clicking the Upcoming Events tab on the header of the website. Or you could follow the Honor Code and not cheat. Or you could just be awesome and already know when our concert is :-D)

We only have two homework assignments for you guys:
1. Invite your friends
2. Be there!


Also, if you remember a few posts ago, we said to stay tuned for a big announcement. We’ll give you a hint about what it is (we’ll announce it soon): We’ll be showing this off at our fall concert!