A Holly, Jolly Saturday

Quite the eventful day yesterday!

We started off early in the morning (and by early, I mean a relative early since we’re college students) with singing carols at the Madison House. We then proceeded to invade the Reagan household (Katherine’s house, or the president’s house). Here are a few pictures of the shenanigans that went down:

1st Year 1st Year Normal

2nd Year  2nd Year Normal

3rd Year3rd Year Normal


Christmas CHoosE

Christmas CHoosE!

Christmas CHoosE Normal

Christmas CHoosE “Normal”

We finished our day together with singing at OYFA’s Holiday Banquet! ‘Twas a fabulous day of singing, chilling out, eating, and taking pictures.


Lighting of the Lawn

Lighting of the Lawn was awesome! It was surprisingly warm since it’s supposed to be wintry weather right now! But, hey, we’ll take good weather!

Lighting of the Lawn


Lightin of the Lawn Normal

CHoosE Normal!

Still got a few more gigs this weekend before the finals season! Stay warm, stay alive through the academic stress, and, most importantly, stay in touch with the Lord!

Wrapping up Fall Semester

Though the concert is over, we still have quite a few gigs left before the end of this semester (that is, before finals, yay): InterVarsity, Lighting of the Lawn, Madison House Holiday Sharing, and OYFA Typhoon Relief Concert! Busy week, but great way to finish off this semester!

As a side note, the online store will be updated sometime before winter break is over, so if you want to buy our newest CD, “Out of the Depths,” contact one of us CHoosiEs instead of purchasing it from the website!

For all of you UVA students, may your studying, reading, taking quizzes/tests, and doing homework be an act of worship unto to Lord! He’s got your back, so continually trust in Him as we enter the finals season! (And you should buy the newest CD so that you can listen to awesome Christian music during your study breaks!)