Current CHoosiEs and Fall 2013 Concert Videos

Though we didn’t get newbies for this spring semester, you can get to know the current CHoosiEs better! Check out our updated bios in the following link:

In addition, sorry for the late post, but we’ve started to upload the concert videos, so check it out here:


New Exec and Sub-Exec for 2014

Before we make a post about our awesome winter retreat, we’d like to announce our new exec and sub-exec members of 2014! After 8.5 hours of deliberating and praying, here it is:

Music Director: Janie Willner
President: Daniel Patton
Business Manager: Naomi Bishop
Contact Chair: Viet Huynh

Social Chair: Maria Anderson
Alumni Chair: Katherine Seidl
Outreach Chair: Erin Seagears
Webmaster: Shieun Park 

We’re looking forward to this upcoming year!