CHoosiE of the Week #2: ERIN SEAGEARS

Here is Erin’s bio if you want to know more about her:


CHoosiE of the Week #1: MICHAEL GOOD

Today we start off with CHoosiE of the Week #1: Michael Good!

Here’s the link to his bio if you want to find out more about him:

40 DAYS!!!

(For you UVAns, hope you had a terrific spring break!)

Today marks the start of what we call 40 DAYS! It’s pretty straightforward: 40 days from today is our Spring 2014 concert! We sort of treat it like Lent (which is also happening right now) where we commit to give up something not just to get ready for the concert, but to be sure our hearts are set on God and God alone.

We would definitely appreciate prayers as the concert day approaches! While we do want to provide a top-quality performance, we also want to keep our hearts in constant connection with our Lord so that we don’t glorify ourselves, but only Him.

Also, be on the lookout tomorrow for our first CHoosiE of the Week!

Special Announcement: CHoosiE of the Week

Starting at the end of spring break, we will start doing a new program called CHoosiE of the Week! It’s not a competition about which CHoosiE was the best for the week, but rather it’s a way for you guys to get to know each member better. Five or so questions will be asked (but nothing that is already answered in their website bio), and they will vary in topic.

We will post these every Monday night, so get ready and be excited for the first one on the 17th!

Newport News Travel Gig

Sorry for not posting anything for a bit over a month! This past weekend we went to Denbigh United Presbyterian Church, Katie’s church, in Newport News, VA! We sang our full repertoire on Saturday night, and then helped lead parts of the worship service on Sunday morning.

We were absolutely blown away by the amazing hospitality and generosity the church showed us. They fed us an amazing dinner on Saturday night, a few members of the congregation let us stay at their places for the night (we CHoosiEs kept on bragging about whose homestay experience was better), and we received many compliments about our singing (the youth students even came up to some of us, Katie in particular, and asked for autographs)! All glory to God, all glory to God!

Be on the lookout for pictures to accompany this post!