CHoosE Presents: “Justice League” – Fall Concert 2014



7 days until our Fall concert! Share the word and invite your friends! Here’s the Facebook link to the event:

(Side note: CHoosiE of the Month #9 will be postponed to a later date in November due to the chaos of concert festivities)


Homecomings Tailgate, Liberty Mills Farm Corn Maze, and FALL 2014 CONCERT

We had an action-packed weekend! We had an awesome tailgate on Saturday before the game, reconnecting with some alums.


Alums and current CHoosiEs



Just to throw it out there, these are the four generations of Music Directors (oldest to most recent, left to right)!

Just to throw it out there, these are the four generations of Music Directors (oldest to most recent, left to right)!

Following the game, we headed up to Liberty Mills Farm to go through their corn maze, the biggest one on the east coast! One of the groups got lost because they went into the mystery maze somehow, but we had a blast! (No picture, unfortunately, to show our super excited faces)

Furthermore, we have less than two weeks until our concert, which is on November 7 at the UVA Chapel! Please share the word to fellow friends and classmates, but at the very least please pray for us. As we enter a very busy two weeks, we ask that you would pray for our eyes to be constantly fixed on God. All of this would be in vain if we didn’t have Him at the core of our group. And pray that we may share the gospel to those who have not heard it!

Peer Mentoring Program/Latin Student Association Carnival and Outreach on the Lawn

What’s a better way to praise the Lord for this awesome, beautiful day than to sing for our UVA community? We sang at the Peer Mentoring Program/Latin Student Association (PMP/LSA) Carnival, and then we proceeded, thanks to our Outreach Chair Michael Good, to sing for people on the Lawn. And guess who we first saw? DEAN GROVES!


We finished off with singing for others and spreading the good news through our voices. We hope you had an awesome afternoon as well!

Fall Roll 2014 Recap: NOVA!

It has been a very eventful weekend! To start it off, we attended Rebecca’s and Quint’s wedding ceremony on Saturday! It was amazing to see two godly people join their lives together (though they technically had their wedding last year)!


On Sunday, we had a very long but great day. We started off with singing at Korean Central Presbyterian Church (KCPC) in Centreville for the college and high school services. We received extremely warm welcomes and were grateful that quite a few of the members came up to us to tell us how blessed they were from the songs we sang.

Later that evening we sang at the Knights of Columbus Fundraiser in Falls Church, where we also received a warm welcome. We also went to Diner 29 on Lee Highway afterwards and shared the message with the two ladies working there. Definitely had an enjoyable time talking with them. Praise God for an action-packed, gospel-sharing day!

On Monday, we sang at the Heatherwood Assisted Living Center in Burke. In spite of our tired voices, we continued to give glory to God and had a wonderful time stirring up conversations with the residents. It brought us joy to see them smile and glad that we came with the message of Christ.

And, to finish Fall Roll off, we had lunch at Glory Days with two alums, Julian and Stephanie! We also sang to the waiters and waitresses there!

It has been a very long weekend, but we thank God for giving us the opportunity to constantly share the good news of Christ to strangers and friends alike! We hope that we can continue to proclaim the Word of God without shame and with boldness. We pray that we live out Romans 1:16: “I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes: first for the Jew, then for the Gentile.” 

Gig at The Family Foundation Gala

Yesterday, Saturday, October 4, we headed to Richmond for The Family Foundation Gala 2014 at The Greater Richmond Convention Center. We knew it was going to be big, but I don’t think we really understood what that meant until we saw it.


We also had a sick merch set-up:


Starting off with singing the National Anthem, we proceeded with a nice dinner. Once the opening remarks and speeches were made, we sang “Rooftops” and “Clear the Stage,” and we definitely had a blast worshiping up on stage. It was definitely tough to have that worshipful when all you can really think about is that there are over 1,700 people in the audience, perhaps the largest audience we as CHoosE have sung to. But, we did our best to keep our eyes focused on the One whom we praise.

God is so good for providing us the opportunity to be here, to meet Dr. Carson and his wife, and to share what we love: music and the Lord. We pray that the biggest takeaway was not the compliments, not the donations, and not the fact that we sang in front of a big crowd. We pray that we met our goal of worshiping Jesus and proclaiming the gospel message.