CHoosE Takes BIDB! #breakitdownboston

On April 1st CHoosE participated in Break It Down Boston (BIDB) 2017, an Christian A Cappella Conference held in the Boston Area. This year the event was hosted by Harvard University’s Under Construction and the Saturday night concert took place in Pain Hall on the University’s Campus. Nineteen Chrisitian A Cappella groups from the East Coast were present to worship Jesus in a full house. This list of all of the groups present can be found on the Break It Down Boston Facebook Page.

This Is The Story Of How We Got There …

We departed from UVA on Friday, March 31st eager to escape our pencils, paper, and books! Off to Dullas airport we went to make CHoosE history by boarding an airplane and attending BIDB for the first time!

en route

Shieun, Luke, Minj, and Lex on the way to the airport! (We promise that Shieun is excited even though he isn’t smiling!)

dutch blitz

DUTCH BLITZ! What else would CHoosE do while while waiting in the airport for a flight?

Well … actually … we did some filming for our concert video! The talented Sarah Ruckle blessed us with her creative mind and brainstormed some scenes for us to film in the airport terminal! In addition to confusing some waiting passengers, we had a blast incorporating our trip into Rest Assured *THE MOVIE*!

After filming it was time to board the plane and we couldn’t have been more excited!

Flight there1

Upon arriving in Boston we were housed for the night by two gracious local a cappella groups! The men from Boston University’s Mustard Seed took in our men for the night and the ladies from MIT’s Cross Products gave our ladies a place to rest our heads!

wee hours

The ladies hung out in MIT’s student center until Cross Products returned from their spring break missions trip (cool right???) and played MORE DUTCH BLITZ with Columbia’s Jubilation who we previously met up with in New York during Fall Roll 2016!

After receiving few hours of sleep, yet extremely energized by our passion to sing for Jesus, we skipped through underground tunnels to Harvard University to begin BIDB 2017! First on the list … BREAKFAST!


After a scrumptious breakfast provided by Harvard and joyful fellowship provided by Jesus, we engaged in ice breakers with the other groups before heading off to our workshops. This year’s workshops included information on  Spirituality, Musicality, Visual Performance, and Financial Logistics! We left these workshops feeling refreshed and renewed with new ideas, new friends, and new visions for our groups. From here we broke off into voice parts to learn the group song!


This year’s song was Who Am I by Casting Crowns. It was directed and arranged by Under Construction’s very own Micheal Sanky. It is a tradition at BIDB to close the evening concert with a song sung in unison by every a cappella group in attendance. What an awe-inspiring moment it was to be in the presence of hundreds of voices singing praises to the name of Jesus. We were so blessed and so honored to be a part of this great moment!

After group rehearsal, it was time to street sing! Unfortunately, due to excessive snow and fear of metro closures, we didn’t actually street sing … BUT we teamed up with MIT’s Cross Products and Yale’s Living Water to sing on MIT’s campus!

cross products.jpeg

MIT’s Cross Products

living water

Yale’s Living Water

Singing with these two groups was incredible! We were able to witness to many people at MIT during the few hours that we had and were also able to fellowship and create friendships with the other groups!

Let’s not forget about the food though! We were able to venture out into the community and feast on a cuisine that didn’t require a meal swipe! #uvadining

FINALLY, it was time for the concert! We were constantly inspired and moved by every group that performed. The house was packed and the air was filled with joy and great hope in our Savior. Performing was an experience of true worship and praise. We performed “Love With Your Love” and “Psalm 46” and were overcome by the support we received from the other groups. Coming from many different colleges, we were brought together by one common goal, to bring glory and honor to the name of Jesus Christ; and that made for an extremely powerful night!

Before the Show!

Nervous jitters and excitement before the show! Just kidding, we were so ready!

CHoosE is in the program

Look Mom we made it!

And as always after every performance …

CHoosE actual normal

CHoosE Family Portrait

What a blessed trip! God was evident everywhere and in every way, even on our way home as we returned to Virginia at 5 am on April the 2nd!

good morning virginia!

To quote our wonderful president Sruckle, “Good Morning Virginia!”

Thank you to everyone who made this trip possible! God truly provides for all of our needs and has big plans for this group as ha enables us to travel to new places proclaiming his name with bold faith. CHoosE dearly loves and is so thankful for all of you, your support, your donations, and your prayer. To close, here is a slide slow full of lovely pictures of CHoosE being CHoosE and basking in the glory of God’s beautiful creation up in Boston!

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