The Secret, Not-So-Secret 4th year Picnic


On May 2nd, CHoosE celebrated our fabulous 4th years! This year we send off two incredibly accomplished yet humble men of God, Shieun Park and Micheal Good.

Shieun Park is a 5th year UVa graduate from the Curry School of Education. This awesome grad is leaving UVa with his Master’s and Bachelor’s degree and has taken a job teaching math in Loudon County. Micheal Good is a 4th year UVa graduate from the School of Engineering. He leaves UVa with his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, but he isn’t going far! Mike has taken a job with the University Transit System in Charlottesville as a supervisor! Unfortunately he won’t be singing in the group, but he won’t be far for a visit! We honor you both for the time and energy that you have given to this group for five straight years. You all are are self-less, kind, honest, trustworthy, dependable, humble, talented, wise and patient. We will miss your amazing voices as well as your sweet spirits as you move forward with the rest of your lives! We love you!

Congratulations Graduates!

Mike and Shieun Picnic.jpg


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