Special Announcement: CHoosiE of the Week

Starting at the end of spring break, we will start doing a new program called CHoosiE of the Week! It’s not a competition about which CHoosiE was the best for the week, but rather it’s a way for you guys to get to know each member better. Five or so questions will be asked (but nothing that is already answered in their website bio), and they will vary in topic.

We will post these every Monday night, so get ready and be excited for the first one on the 17th!


Newport News Travel Gig

Sorry for not posting anything for a bit over a month! This past weekend we went to Denbigh United Presbyterian Church, Katie’s church, in Newport News, VA! We sang our full repertoire on Saturday night, and then helped lead parts of the worship service on Sunday morning.

We were absolutely blown away by the amazing hospitality and generosity the church showed us. They fed us an amazing dinner on Saturday night, a few members of the congregation let us stay at their places for the night (we CHoosiEs kept on bragging about whose homestay experience was better), and we received many compliments about our singing (the youth students even came up to some of us, Katie in particular, and asked for autographs)! All glory to God, all glory to God!

Be on the lookout for pictures to accompany this post!

Current CHoosiEs and Fall 2013 Concert Videos

Though we didn’t get newbies for this spring semester, you can get to know the current CHoosiEs better! Check out our updated bios in the following link: https://christianhoosexalt.wordpress.com/choosies/current-choosies/

In addition, sorry for the late post, but we’ve started to upload the concert videos, so check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAjS_txiQ0NbDfKMz4NANgZqSXWJl0BZK

New Exec and Sub-Exec for 2014

Before we make a post about our awesome winter retreat, we’d like to announce our new exec and sub-exec members of 2014! After 8.5 hours of deliberating and praying, here it is:

Music Director: Janie Willner
President: Daniel Patton
Business Manager: Naomi Bishop
Contact Chair: Viet Huynh

Social Chair: Maria Anderson
Alumni Chair: Katherine Seidl
Outreach Chair: Erin Seagears
Webmaster: Shieun Park 

We’re looking forward to this upcoming year!

A Holly, Jolly Saturday

Quite the eventful day yesterday!

We started off early in the morning (and by early, I mean a relative early since we’re college students) with singing carols at the Madison House. We then proceeded to invade the Reagan household (Katherine’s house, or the president’s house). Here are a few pictures of the shenanigans that went down:

1st Year 1st Year Normal

2nd Year  2nd Year Normal

3rd Year3rd Year Normal


Christmas CHoosE

Christmas CHoosE!

Christmas CHoosE Normal

Christmas CHoosE “Normal”

We finished our day together with singing at OYFA’s Holiday Banquet! ‘Twas a fabulous day of singing, chilling out, eating, and taking pictures.

Lighting of the Lawn

Lighting of the Lawn was awesome! It was surprisingly warm since it’s supposed to be wintry weather right now! But, hey, we’ll take good weather!

Lighting of the Lawn


Lightin of the Lawn Normal

CHoosE Normal!

Still got a few more gigs this weekend before the finals season! Stay warm, stay alive through the academic stress, and, most importantly, stay in touch with the Lord!