CHoosE Presents:

CHoosE is proud to present,

Knock Knock! CHoosE There?
our Spring 2012 Concert
On: Sunday, April 22, 2012
At: 7:00PM
In: The Chemistry Auditorium (CHEM 402)
Cost: FREE!!

Put it down on your calendars so you won’t miss it!!
18 DAYS!

God bless!


Another Road Trip!

This weekend we are travelling to Winston-Salem, North Carolina to perform a concert!  It is going to be a blast and we are more than excited to continue our momentum from last weekend’s travel gig in Pennsylvania.

The Abbey was more than gracious to host us and we were certainly blessed to perform in such a beautiful place.  We appreciate the generous attendees of our concert and give thanks for their kind hearts and words of praise.  God bless!

CHoosE with Father Andrew at the Daylesford Abbey, Paoli, Pennsylvania, March 26, 2012