Christy Isler

Introducing our lovely lady newb … Christy Isler!


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Name: Christy Isler
Nickname: Christy Kreme
Describe yourself in three words: artistic, goofy, passionate, joyful
Microwave or Toaster: Toaseter
What brings your the most joy in life?: Friends that are deep and loving but also crazy goofy; listening to/playing music; good hugs
If you could wake up with a new skill tomorrow what would it be?: ASL or fluency in French
Favorite place in the world: My grandparent’s old beach house in Rehoboth, DE
Favorite place at UVA: the nook in the Stud or the deck of the Rotunda
Favorite Dance Move: the worm/the one where your arms go from side to side
Disney Movie Character you most identify with: Dot from A Bug’s Life
Favorite piece of your wardrobe: my dad’s old teal Fleece from a million years ago
Talents other than singing: Drawing/painting
Fun Fact that you want everyone to know: My best friend was a guy from K-2nd grade and therefore Star Wars was my life as a kid