David King



Name: David King

Nickname: daKing or King

Link to Bio: https://christianhoosexalt.wordpress.com/choosies/current-choosies/david-king/

Describe yourself in three words: Joyous, Curious Adventurer

Microwave or Toaster: TOASTER OVEN

What bring you the most joy in life: Delicious Food

If you could wake up with a new skill tomorrow what would it be? 5star Master Culinary Skills

Favorite Place on Earth: Grandma’s House

Favorite Place at UVA: Top of Ohill

Favorite Dance Move: The Wobble

Disney Movie Character you most identify with: Flynn Rider

Favorite piece of your wardrobe: My Star Wars Tie (It has Tie fighters on it so it’s a “Tie Tie” )

Talents other than singing: Navigating when I’m Lost (probably because I have a lot of practice getting lost)

Fun Fact that you want everyone to know: To cook an egg, a sidewalk needs to be 158°F.