Joey Paris

Introducing our Contact Chair … Joey Paris!

Joey Paris Chosen CHoosie
Name: Joey Paris
Nickname: JP3
Describe yourself in three words: Sincere, Enthusiastic, Goofy
Microwave or Toaster: Toaster or Toaster Oven? If it’s a toaster oven, I’ll take toaster oven; if it’s toaster, give me the microwave!
What brings you the most joy in life: You mean besides my faith? Hmmm… The Yankees winning. Broadway musicals. Art history. Dr. Pepper. Any sporting event ever. Donuts (I really like donuts).
If you could wake up with a new skill tomorrow what would it be? Improv Comedy or Magic (i.e. card tricks, disappearing acts, like a magician)
Favorite Place on Earth: Florence, Italy
Favorite Place at UVA: JPJ or the Blue Ridge Mountains (technically not UVA but whatever cuz #ilovecharlottesville)
Favorite Dance Move: The “Bump” or “Pancake Flipper”
Disney Movie Character you most identify with: Either Peter Pan or Russell from Up
Favorite piece of your wardrobe: My tux — I feel like a new man every time the jacket and cummerbund come on!
Talents other than singing: Basketball, Swing Dancing, Building Puzzles
Fun Fact that you want everyone to know: PB is my least favorite food in the whole world. Also, I don’t put milk in my cereal…