Kirsten Stiller

Introducing our Outreach Chair … Kirsten Stiller!

Kirsten Stiller Chosen CHoosiE
Name: Kirsten
Nickname: Big K
Describe yourself in three words: goofy, blessed, passionate
Microwave or Toaster: microwave for sure
What bring you the most joy in life: my friends and family! But I find a large amount of joy in most things haha
If you could wake up with a new skill tomorrow what would it be? playing acoustic guitar
Favorite Place on Earth: this question is literally impossible
Favorite Place at UVA: Roots lol
Favorite Dance Move: the wobble
Disney Movie Character you most identify with: my camp kids told me I am Snow White but I like to think I contribute more than that
Favorite piece of your wardrobe: chacos
Talents other than singing: I can wiggle my second and fourth toes
Fun Fact that you want everyone to know: my mom, sister, and I were born within 48 hours (same year even! lol jk)