Melanie Turner

Introducing our Music Director …. MELANIE TURNER!

Melanie Turner
Name: Melanie Turner
Nickname: Melon
Describe yourself in three words: Motivated, Silly, Contemplative
Microwave or Toaster: MICROWAVE
What bring you the most joy in life: Friends and family 🙂
If you could wake up with a new skill tomorrow what would it be? American sign language!
Favorite Place on Earth: The Adirondacks
Favorite Place at UVA: My house!
Favorite Dance Move: It’s definitely a tie between the “flail your arms and try not to fall over” and the “try to make conducting look like dancing”
Disney Movie Character you most identify with: Hmm maybe Belle?
Favorite piece of your wardrobe: My UVA t-shirt 🙂
Talents other than singing: According to CHoosE, I wiggle my tongue when I laugh – #specialskills
Fun Fact that you want everyone to know: I kinda know how to juggle!
Thank you being the MD of our hearts! ❤