Minjoo Kang

Introducing our Apprentice Music Director … Minjoo Kang!

Minjoo CHoosen CHoosie Photo
Name: MinJoo
Nickname: MinJ, Minjy-Minj, the human cupcake
Describe yourself in three words: jubilant, curious, ambitious
Microwave or Toaster: microwave
What brings you the most joy in life: thoughtful affirmations and seeing my words and actions have positive impacts on people
If you could wake up with a new skill tomorrow what would it be?: Singing opera, cooking, or playing piano
Favorite Place on Earth: It’s hard to pinpoint one place but I love the feeling of escaping to another world for a couple of hours when I’m in a movie theater or a concert venue enjoying a mesmerizing performance!
Favorite Place at UVA: the River (my beloved house at UVA!)
Favorite Dance Move: whichever ones I can imitate at dance parties
Disney Movie Character you most identify with: Winnie the Pooh aka Minnie the Joo
Favorite piece of your wardrobe: CHoosE shirt of course
Talents other than singing: charades, critiquing baked goods, baking things that are occasionally edible, making terrifying faces in photos