Sarah Ruckle

Introducing our Pres … SARAH RUCKLE

Sarah Ruckle Chosen CHoosiE


Name: Sarah Ruckle
Nickname: sruck(le)
Describe yourself in three words:
major popsicle enthusiast
Microwave or Toaster:
conventional oven
What bring you the most joy in life:
memorizing scripture, singing songs, handwritten notes, homecooked meals, long hikes on scenic trails, road trips, sunrises & sunsets, glitter glue, laughing really hard, naps, annotating books for fun, roller-blading on Price Avenue
If you could wake up with a new skill tomorrow what would it be?
flawless hand-lettering abilities OR being able to get up on water skis
Favorite Place on Earth:
the mountains. any mountains. mountains!!!!!
Favorite Place at UVA:
The River (home sweet home feat. 4 CHoosE women)
Favorite Dance Move:
easy. the entire cha-cha slide.
Disney Movie Character you most identify with:
Kronk from Emperor’s New Groove in reality, Belle from Beauty and the Beast in my imagination
Favorite piece of your wardrobe:
pink chacos or my bright orange swingy dress
Talents other than singing: I can pick my nose with my tongue!!!! also working on some sick tricks on my scooter; stay tuned.
Fun Fact that you want everyone to know:
beavers have 2 sets of lips so they can chew sticks underwater without drowning!!!