Current Repertoire

Our current repertoire consists of:

Song Original Artist Soloist/Harmony Arranger
*It is Well David Dunn Alexus McBride Eli Michel
*Light After Darkness Kings Kaleidoscope Eli Michel Alexus McBride
*Vice and Virtue Jimmy Needham Luke Thompson Melanie Turner
*Hills and Valley’s Tauren Wells Kirsten Stiller Minjoo Kang
*Bulletproof Citizen Way Minjoo Kang Laren Butler
*God Have Your Way In Me Bethany Bernard Sarah Ruckle Melanie Turner
Alive In Me Highlands Worship Laren Butler  Laren Butler
Elohim Hillsong Worship Micheal Good & Melanie Turner Melanie Turner
Mashup: Money & Fame/Higher NEEDTOBREATHE/Unspoken Eli Michel & Joey Paris Melanie Turner
Love With Your Life Hollyn Sarah Ruckle Minjoo Kang
Kingdom Come Joel Ansett Eli Michel Karsten Kim
Hard Love NEEDTOBREATHE Kirsten Stiller Alexus McBride & Melanie Turner

* =  new arrangements
** = retired arrangements

We perform selections from this list (and even retired songs) at gigs; however, all of these songs (and possibly retired songs) will be performed (save for extenuating circumstances) at our semester-ly concerts and at special “concert” gigs!


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