Past Repertoire

Songs that we have covered in the past include (the semester and year on the left refers to when the song was arranged; the semester and year on the right refers to how long the song was part of the current repertoire, as most songs last for a whole year):

Fall 2016 – Spring 2017

Song Original Artist Soloist/Harmony Arranger
 We Dance Steffany Gretzinger & Bethel  Minjoo Kang  Shieun Park
 Pslam 46  Shane & Shane  Shieun Park/Minjoo Kang  Melanie Turner
 Survival Plan Wallace & Rachel Faagutu  Karsten Kim (Luke Thompson) & Alexus McBride  Melanie Turner
 Alone Hollyn  Kirsten Stiller & Sarah Ruckle  Shieun Park
 This Is Living  Hillsong UNITED  Eli Michel/ Kunrui Peng  Eli Micheal
 Take This City  Everfound  Eli Michel Melanie Turner

Spring 2016 – Fall 2016

Song Original Artist Soloist/Harmony Arranger
Touch The Sky Hillsong UNITED Melanie Turner Melanie Turner
Crucify Him Shane & Shane Leo Choi (Spring 2016)

Shieun Park (Fall 2016)

Leo Choi
All Glory Be To Christ Kings Kaleidoscope Karsten Kim Melanie Turner
First Lauren Diagle Laren Butler Kunrui Peng
The River Jordan Feliz Leo Choi & Joey Paris (Spring 2016)

Eli Michel & Joey Paris (Fall 2016)

Melanie Turner

Fall 2015 – Spring 2016

Song Original Artist Soloist/Harmony Arranger
Messengers Lecrae ft. For King & Country Eli Michel/ Kunrui Peng & Sarah Ruckle Michael Good
Jesus, We Love You Bethel Church Leo Choi Shieun Park
Brother NEEDTOBREATHE Eli Michel Eli Michel
Because of Who You Are/ Break Every Chain Mash-Up Vicki Yohe/ Tasha Cobbs Sarah Ruckle & Erin Seagears Shieun Park
Be Thou My Vision Ascend The Hill Michael Good Shieun Park
Start A Fire Unspoken Joey Paris Ashley Gailey

Spring 2015 – Fall 2015

Song Original Artist Soloist/Harmony Arranger
Come as You Are/ Out of Hiding (Father Song) Medley Crowder/ Steffany Gretzinger Shieun Park/ Naomi Bishop Shieun Park
Fix My Eyes Kings Kaleidoscope Leo Choi Naomi Bishop
Greater MercyMe Shieun Park Michael Good/ Anjali Prahash
Hope in Front of Me Danny Gokey Kirsten Stiller Eli Michel and Janie Willner
Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) Hillsong United Ashley Gailey Janie Willner
Something in the Water Carrie Underwood Maria Anderson Shieun Park

Fall 2014 – Spring 2015

Song Original Artist Soloist/Harmony Arranger
Bury the Workmen Unspoken Eli Michel, Daniel Patton, and Viet Huynh Michael Good and Janie Willner
Clear the Stage Jimmy Needham Leo Choi Shieun Park
Flashlight Hunter Hayes Eli Michel Naomi Bishop and Anjali Prahash
God’s Alive and Well Billy Graham Maria Anderson Janie Willner
Held Natalie Grant Janie Willner Janie Willner
Rooftops Jesus Culture Kirsten Stiller Janie Willner

Spring 2014 – Fall 2014

Song Original Artist Soloist/Harmony Arranger
Gone 33Miles Daniel Patton Katie Depp and Curtis Hutchinson
I Will Go SGG&L Paulius Sinkora Janie Willner
Jesus Paid It All King’s Kaleidescope Daniel Patton Daniel Patton
Strangely Dim Francesca Battistelli Anjali Prahash Shieun Park

Fall 2013 – Spring 2014

Song Original Artist Soloist/Harmony Arranger
Come Thou Fount King’s Kaleidescope Leo Choi Daniel Patton
Down to the River to Pray Spiritual Erin Seagears Shieun Park
Proof of Your Love For King and Country Leo Choi Emily Williams
Who Are You Carrie Underwood Maria Anderson Katie Depp

Spring 2013-Fall 2013

Song Original Artist Soloist/Harmony Arranger
Awake My Soul Mash-Up Chris Tomlin, Mumford & Sons Viet Hyunh & Paulius Sinkora Adam Szpila & Nicole Ziemann
Blessings Laura Story Katherine Seidl/Shieun Park Shieun Park
Honest Rachael Lampa Katie Depp Emily Williams
Right Beside You Building 429 Paulius Sinkora & Katherine Seidl Katie Depp
Who I Am Hates Who I’ve Been Relient K Daniel Patton & Shieun Park Katie Depp
Worn Tenth Avenue North Shieun Park Katie Depp

Fall 2012-Spring 2013

Song Original Artist Soloist/Harmony Arranger
Deliver Me Matt Maher Viet Hunyh Adam Szpila
Ever Lifting Christy Nockels Naomi Bishop Nicole Ziemann
Find You On My Knees Kari Jobe Janie Willner/Katie Depp Nicole Ziemann
Lead Me to the Cross Francesca Battestelli Rebecca Fry/Katie Depp Janie Willner
Me Without You TobyMac Erin Seagears Katie Depp
Wade in the Water Ike Ndolo Julian Coles & Taylor Morgan Shieun Park

Spring 2012-Fall 2012

Song Original Artist Soloist/Harmony Arranger
Breaking Through Audrey Assad Emily Williams & Nicole Ziemann/Katherine Seidl Emily Williams
I Need You The Swift Adam Szpila Emily Williams
In Christ Alone Owl City Katie Depp Katie Depp
Remind Me Who I Am Jason Gray Curtis Hutchison & Adam Szpila Emily Williams
Take Me Away BarlowGirl Nicole Ziemann/Erin Seagears Nicole Ziemann
The Meaning of Life Hawk Nelson Paulius Sinkora Nicole Ziemann
  • “Beautiful, Beautiful” by Francesca Battistelli
  • “Crumble to Pieces” by Phil Wickham
  • “Flags” by Brooke Fraser
  • “Hold Me” by Jamie Grace
  • “Joy” by Newsboys
  • “Lay ‘Em Down” by NEEDTOBREATHE
  • “Undone” — FFX
  • “Carry Me Through” — Dave Barnes
  • “Free To Be Me” — Francesca Battestelli
  • “Bigger Than Love” — My Favorite Highway
  • “Restless” — Audrey Assad
  • “Here In This Moment”
  • “Lost Get Found” — Britt Nicole
  • “Jesus Lover of My Soul”
  • “Love is Here”
  • “You Invite Me In”
  • “City on Our Knees” — TobyMac
  • “He’s Making Sunshine” — The Swift
  • “Born Again” – Newsboys
  • “He Never Said a Mumbling Word” — The Welcome Wagon
  • “Forgive Me” — Rebecca St. James
  • “When the Saints”
  • “Could It Be” — Ronnie Freeman
  • “No Matter What” — Kerrie Roberts
  • “Saved” — Warren Barfield
  • “Take My Hand” — Shawn McDonald
  • “Tumbling After” — Starfield
  • “Show Me What It Means” — Meredith Andrews
  • “Don’t Get Comfortable” — Brandon Heath
  • “Falling In Love With Jesus” — Jonathan Butler

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