T-Shirts and Hoodies

EXAMPLE: CHoosE T-shirt – Red

CHoosE Red Shirt - FrontCHoosE Red Shirt - Back
(Here, one of our lovely CHoosiEs, Adrian, wears our Red CHoosE t-shirt that we wear for casual gigs! Unfortunately we do not sell our red t-shirts because only current CHoosE members may wear them as we wear them to gigs. Otherwise there would be confusion about who is actually in CHoosE!

On the back of all our t-shirts is our theme verse, Joshua 24:15)

CHoosE T-Shirt – Highlighter Yellow

CHoosE T-Shirt – Orange 

CHoosE T-Shirt – Lime Green 

CHoosE T-Shirt – Light Blue 

CHoosE T-Shirt – Royal Blue 

CHoosE T-Shirt – Light Purple 

CHoosE T-Shirt – Pink 

CHoosE T-Shirt – Brown 

CHoosE T-Shirt – Black 

CHoosE Hoodie 


1 thought on “T-Shirts and Hoodies

  1. T-shirts are basics at the core of every wardrobe. If chosen carefully, they can look stylish, go from day to night and be worn from the city to a mountain. Leave the logo tees at home and discover our readers’ classic picks for the eid t-shirts for men ! With a little help from your wardrobe, take the same t-shirt and bottoms from day to night while, but give them two completely different looks (and staying comfortable as can be)!

    While living abroad and making lots of last minute escapades, I quickly learned when stuffing a duffel that less is more. On the other hand, sacrificing fashion is never an option. If you dread vacation prep due to this dilemma, stick to this: Pack super simple basics and let accessories lead. A blank slate of a plain white tee, skinny jeans and a coat to match everything, let yourself overdose with add-ons.

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